OSPI complaints for students not receiving IEP services during COVID-19

We are passing this information along in the public interest, to inform our state about problems families are experiencing.

Disability and youth rights organizations are mobilizing parents to fill out and file citizen’s complaints with OSPI and their school districts.  If you know of students who have not been receiving special education and related services during the school closure, or who cannot access the education offered during the closure, please feel free to share the template below for an OSPI citizen complaint.  The template requests compensatory education for individual students as well as districtwide plans to ensure that all students will receive appropriate services next school year.

The template below is intended to be easy for parents to fill out with their student-specific details, without the need to hire an attorney. OSPI’s website provides more information  about how to file an OSPI citizen’s complaint on your own here.

Disability and youth rights organizations have asked that citizen’s complaints be filed on the same day: June 12th.  But if you cannot file by this date, and you want to file a citizen’s complaint to remedy loss of educational services during the COVID-19 closures, you should file one when you can.

Again, OSPI does not require that Parents use an attorney to file a citizen’s complaint.  Cassady Mineiro, PLLC is providing this information as a service to the community and is not providing legal advice. Use of this information does not establish an attorney-client relationship with Cassady Mineiro, PLLC.