Cassady Law is known to be one of the top Special Education Law firms in Washington state. I selected them for my case, and have always been happy that I did. I work with [Cassady Law]. They are thorough, professional, knowledgeable, ethical and very experienced. Other law firms are professional, ethical and knowledgeable, but Charlotte Cassady’s 20 years of experience in this field really makes a difference.
– Carolyn F.
When the worst happens at school, you need the best people in your corner to fight for your child.  My family is forever grateful for the counsel, support, and dogged advocacy we received from Cassady Law.  [Cassady Law] listened and believed us when we were in a very bleak spot and did not know where to turn or how to move forward to ensure our child would be safe and receive a free and appropriate education.  [Cassady Law] was kind, patient, and made sure we understood the process we would need to go through to take on the school district.  [Cassady Law] was with us for every step of the way.  Not only was our situation resolved in a manner that ensured our child’s safety, but the resolution that was reached put him on path that allowed him to thrive and graduate with honors (at a different school).  [Cassady Law's] passion for helping children was apparent from the moment we met them.  I am very thankful we did meet them!  I would highly recommend Cassady Law to anyone.  
– Suzanne B.
My wife and I hired Cassady Law to represent us in a difficult case and found Charlotte and her staff to be honest, professional, responsive, knowledgeable, and understanding. We highly recommend Cassady Law for IDEA cases.
– Robert T.
Charlotte is one of the most knowledgeable, experienced and winningest educational rights lawyers in our area. She was as committed to our child’s welfare as we were! She saved our daughter’s life!
– Julie O.
Charlotte Cassady is a fantastic special education lawyer and she has had an enormously positive impact on our family. Charlotte helped us navigate some significant issues in a way that ensured we had the financial support we needed and deserved. As a family, we’ve gotten so much value out of working with Charlotte compared to the costs that I just can’t imagine anyone dealing with complex special education issues without someone like Charlotte on their team. One of the first bits of advice we give to other parents dealing with special education issues is to call Charlotte. We’re very thankful that someone else that had worked with Charlotte did the same thing with us so we continue to try and pay it forward.
– Michael P.
Charlotte Cassady is an expert special education lawyer. She Is adept at handling special education cases and does her work with care and sincerity. She is kind and listens carefully to her clients about what they need.
– S.V.
If it weren’t for Charlotte and her team, my non verbal son with autism would still be in public school with a wrong placement and never seeing any real progress. I am grateful for this law firm getting us what we needed out of the education system. For a special needs parent to hire a lawyer, things have to be going really bad. For our family, trying to resolve the situation with the district on our own had 0 effect. WA state school districts are BULLIES when it comes to giving special needs students what they need. They will go out of their way to intimidate the family. Hiring a lawyer is the only choice if you need help getting your child what he/she is entitled to get under IDEA. Standing up for what is right by hiring Charlotte was the best thing our family ever spent money on. I highly recommend them.
– Annie A.